Integrative Reflexology®
      Bringing the Feet to Life

Created by one of the pillars of massage therapy education, Claire Marie Miller, Integrative Reflexology® expands the technique beyond the energy work or meridian theory, while making it more relaxing and less painful.

It is best defined as "massage therapy-based reflexology, practiced as both energy work and bodywork."

Essentially, the therapist will work with various points and areas on the fee which are considered to reflect other areas of the body. By applying different pressures and strokes, body systems and organs can be influenced to a place of enhanced health.

Therapists use their whole hands in a variety of ways, which is far better for the therapist's hands than more traditional thumb-walking techniques. It also allows for much more flexibility. Reflexology can easily be integrated into a full body massage session, or used on its own. Concerns can be addressed in a variety of ways, which gives the therapist more therapeutic tools for their toolbox.

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Integrative Reflexology is modern reflexology, and we welcome you to give it a try at Alchemy Healing Arts Center. Therapist Lynne Brummitt, MA, LMT is certified and looks forward to working with you.

  • A deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience
  • Calming, helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Aids sleep and rest
  • Useful for all the aches and pains of the body and inflammation
  • Reduced muscle tension, especially neck, back, shoulders, and hips.
  • Increased digestive response, relief of constipation

  • Theory


    Meridians are one of the four theories that Claire Marie Miller integrates into her protocols. Meridians are the energy pathways as mapped in Chinese medicine; all the major meridians begin or end at the fingers or toes. Many consider reflexology to be energy work because of this foundation. Meridian theory relies on energetic "reflexes" that respond in the body from work on the corresponding part of the foot or hand. In and of itself, it is effective energy work; Miller simply takes it so much further, into the realm of true therapeutic massage and bodywork.

    The other theories that she integrates are Zones, Structural Alignment and Proprioceptors.

    Structural Alignment was created by Ida Rolf, who looked to the feet to tell much of the story of the fascial tension of the entire body. Zones are an expansion of the meridian theory, each zone corresponding to areas of the body. The toes corresponding to the head and neck, while the ball of the foot connects with the thoracic region, etc. This theory has been around since the turn of the last century and the finger and thumb walking around the soles of the feet is a classic feature of a treatment. You have probably seen the reflexology books and socks in the bookstore - that is the system that they will teach you.

    Finally, proprioception is considered within an Integrative Reflexology treatment. Proprioceptors are the sensory receptors on nerve endings that provide information to the brain about where we are in space. We have over 7200 nerves in the foot; that is a lot of information!

    We offer Online Scheduling